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You must be a serious film lover! I’m guessing you’re seeking the top alternatives to 123movies and you’re receiving advertisements that look like fakes on any of the websites you visit to find the most effective alternative websites to 123movies. You’re at the right place searching for the best movies has brought you to this site where you’re going to find an extensive list of thoroughly done research and the top alternatives to 123movies.

Here, I’ve included a list of top websites that are reliable and could work as the most suitable alternative to 123movies website. Some time ago the 123movies website was functioning perfectly for everyone but then it was gone like a ghost on Internet which is sad news for all the movie buffs across the world. I am sure you’ll be searching for 123movies, or a brand new website name or even a mirror site.

What exactly is 123movies?

For all the movie enthusiasts that are around, 123 movies are more than just a title. It’s the feeling everyone feels when we talk about watching the best movie or brand new movie that everyone would like to watch at the beginning of the day’s first show. The 123 movies website is a streaming website that allows users to stream movies from different genres, such as action and sci-fi as well as comedy, romance, anime music, history, adventure terror, war, crime, etc.

Thanks to 123 movies which allow us to stream online whenever we’d like, from anywhere across the globe. The 123 Movies are among the top streaming websites that offer high quality films for those who love movies with a broad selection and high resolution.

If you’re familiar with the 123movies download and 123movies download, then I have to declare that you are an absolute movie enthusiast. The 123movies are the ultimate site for all movie buffs, no matter if it’s an Hollywood film or Bollywood film.

Are you able to watch 123movies?

It’s somewhat difficult to answer because it relies on the local laws and rules set by your administration. Make sure you know if it’s safe to use the 123movies website or other sites similar to 123movies within your area including Gomovies 123movies.

Is 123movies legal?

If there’s no ban placed on the site by the local government If there is no ban, then you’re free to access the site. However, in certain regions, users are having difficulties accessing the website as some government agencies have placed the site under a ban because of violating copyright laws by posting pirated content on the website.

Below, I have compiled a the list of websites similar to 123movies below. I’ve done my homework on the features and accessibility of each website to ensure that you don’t need to search for them anymore.

Go through the list and have enjoyment grabbing your favourite videos and movies.

1. vumoo

It’s one of the top alternative to 123movies site. It has a great selection of content for viewers. You can access the site easily and access whatever you wish to view. All content is available for viewing at no cost. The site does not categorize movies based on their type or release year however, it isn’t an issue since the site features the ability to search for movies so that users can browse for their favorite films in the library.

The best aspect of the site is that there is no need to sign up an account in order to browse or watch films on this website. The downside of the site is that you cannot make a request for a movie through the site, it is only possible to view on the library any movie that is available there.

2. Putlocker

putlocker is among the top alternatives to 123movies. It belongs to the top sites such as 123movies. It is amazing to note that these two websites share several similarities. The minimalist design and the color scheme that draw users to check out the site Most important is that both websites do not have advertisements on their pages and can negatively impact users’ experience. Putlocker has a huge collection of films and television shows, which can be accessed from any part of the world. Additionally, the site offers users with a prominent search bar on the homepage, where users can type in their search terms to find the content they want without having to browse the site throughout.

3. Yesmovies

You should definitely consider yesmovies since it’s another great alternative to 123movies that has huge selection of movies and web-based series. You can stream and download the content of yesmovies. Yesmovies provides you with all the comforts like home, and can watch whatever you’d like. Yesmovies also lets users provide ratings to movies and display the reviews of users right on the homepage. Additionally, Ysemovies is one kind of 123movies that gives users the pleasure of watching movies from the comfort of at home. The majority of the content available on the website are available with HD quality. The contents on the site are taken from various sources since the website doesn’t host any content on its servers.

4. Fmovies

The list of alternatives to 123movies isn’t complete without talking Fmovies. Another great alternative to the 123movies. This is the most popular and most well-known streaming sites that are available via the Internet. Fmovies is a fantastic site for movie enthusiasts as all the movies that are available at the website are of HD quality. The most important thing is that Fmovies is its own streaming media online player.

5. Gostream

Are you fed up with those irritating advertisements that the site displays in the name of free content? If so, Gostream is a great alternatives to the 123movies. You won’t have to worry about these annoying advertisements for long. Watch your favorite movie and or download the movie to your device for later viewing.

The site is home to a massive film collection as well as an extensive library of content to give users the content they’d like to watch. Simply visit the site and download your preferred film.

6. Solar movies

solar Movies is among the top streaming websites that you can find on the Internet and the ideal alternative to the 123movies. For the customer experience, solarmovies feels like a premium website. However, in reality there is no need to sign up to the solarmovies site to view the films and other content there. If you’re looking for a film, simply utilize to search, enter in the title of the movie, then select the thumbnail of the film in the search results, then click play.

You can browse through the films with parameters like IMDB rating and year of release etc. as well as other parameters available.

7. GoMovies

Gomovies is among the most popular destinations for movie enthusiasts as you can stream online movies and TV shows without having to sign up for any type of registration. The site offers everything you could want from romantic, action or horror to thriller, whatever kind of genre, it all is on display. One of the amazing features of the site is that is that you can filter the films in accordance with the IMDB rating. You can enjoy the most popular films of all time without having to search for each one at a time simply by sorting them with the parameters that are available on the website. This is not just for movies, but you could also do the same thing with Web series as well as TV shows and also have funwithout the hassle of a time-consuming and no hurried task.

8. Popcornflix

Alongside 123movies, Popcornflix is another well-known option to watch 123movies. You can watch films or TV shows on this website. Films and other videos are uploaded to the site every day . The content is categorised by the genre. Click on the genre you like best and choose your favorite movie.

9. Primewire

Primewire is among the top streaming websites online and a good alternative for 123movies. The site offers a vast collection of movies that will entertain viewers. In comparison to other streaming sites the one on this is an older site that looks a bit dated. So, what’s the point of the design? The site is entertaining with their huge collection of movies and also showing that the content is that are of high-quality. Thus, I would suggest that you go to the site and try it for a few minutes.

10. Vexmovies

Don’t be a snob This site is a great one and the best alternative to the 123movies. This website is a great option for streaming free films on the internet. You don’t have to sign up for an account and just download your favorite movies. You can download any film you wish to This site is home to an extensive collection of films.

11. Niter

This website is a trusted source to stream films and TV shows however, it offers a smaller selection of films opposed to other sites. But, this website could be the top 123movies alternative, and will also meet the requirements of all users. Visit the site to view and download your most loved films and shows.

12. Movies25

This is a streaming online website that offers a superior alternative to the 123movies. The site is available to stream your favourite films and shows on HD quality. This site is an alternative and substitute the 123movies channel for entertainment.

13. Zmovies

Zmovies is an easy streaming site that is also a option to 123movies that you must visit at least once. It is possible to stream your favourite film on the site or download the film in HD quality and enjoy it later with loved ones or with your friends. There are movies of every genre you like to watch. All movies are well organized and easy to find to search using the appropriate parameters.

14. Coolmovieszone

CoolMoviesZone is an alternative to 123movies. It is a fantastic website to watch movies or tv shows. The site is home to a wide selection of films, which includes all genres. Each movie is categorizes by genre and the year of release, and with the help of other parameters which you can utilize to find them using advanced search options. The genres available on this site is: Action, Adventure, Animation, Bengali, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary and Drama. Family, Fantasy, Movies Featured, Hindi, Dubbed, History, Horror, Latest releases, Malayalam, Marathi, Movies Musicals, Music, Mystery, New Bollywood Movies, Punjabi Movies, Reality-TV, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short, Sports, Tamil, Telugu, Thriller, Trailer, War, and Western.

15. Housemovies

HouseMovies is an outstanding streaming service that can suggest a random film just by pressing. It is the ideal alternative to 123 films. Imagine it’s a Friday night, and you’ve no playlists to listen to. You don’t want to scroll through IMDb to find something new and interesting. With HouseMovie you just need one click to allow the entertainment to begin.

FAQs on 123movies Alternatives

Question #1: What else can I substitute for 123movies instead?

Ans: I’ve put together an extensive list of top alternative 123movies. Check out the list and pick the one that is the best for you.

FAQ #2: Has 123movies ever been closed?

Answer Yes, the site and all other domains belonging to 123movies have been shut down.

FAQ #3: What’s the the 123movies name now?

Ans: I don’t have a username as the site has been closed or has been banned in some areas.

Question #4: On which website will I be able to watch the film on?

Answer: There’s an extensive list of 123movies which I’ve included in this page. Please go through the list, and choose the one you prefer to visit.


123movies is a huge success in the world of streaming online movies and has grown in popularity over the past few years. Unfortunately, the website has been closed by the authorities. This means that there are no 123movies websites and there are no functioning mirrors online on the Internet. In this post, I’ve listed a thorough list of sites that are identical to 123movies, and share numerous common elements that are similar to the 123movies. Also, guys, browse through the entire menu and then let us know your experiences using these websites in the comments section below.

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